How to Donate Used Appliances

Renovating a kitchen or moving can result in a lot of used appliances that aren’t needed anymore.

One way to make these used appliances useful again is by donating them to the ReStore. Donating to the ReStore frees up space and helps out others in need.

Step 1

Plug in all appliances and make sure they’re still working properly before you donate them. Check that any appliances with accessories or small parts, like food processors or blenders, have all the necessary components and blades.

Step 2

Clean them out so your donation is sanitary and healthy. Many charities don’t have the resources available to wash items that are donated.

Step 3

Give them where they’re needed. The ReStore funds the local Habitat for Humanity which in turn builds homes from your tax deductable donation. A customer gets a great deal on a perfectly good used appliance that they may not be able to afford new.

Step 4

Find out what’s needed. Talk to the ReStore manager to find out what appliances they can really use. If microwaves are in demand, but coffee makers are in plentiful supply, donate surplus appliances elsewhere.

Step 5

Learn about tax deduction possibilities. You might be able to write off some of your donations on your annual tax returns, depending on the charity that receives your donation and the monetary value of the donation. Donations to the ReStore are tax deductable.

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