Uses for Repurposed Library Card Catalogs


If you find a library card catalog for sale, there are a plethora of ways you can repurpose these literary treasures.  Such as a DIY card catalog coffee table and a library card catalog turned bookcase previously, and here are 11 more ways to use card catalogs in your home.


1. A  library card catalog as a buffet in my dining room, holding my linens and silverware.


2.  As a kitchen island topped with a butcher block, the small drawers and labels are perfect for holding and organizing your spices, as seen via DIY Ideas .


3. For holidays, fill your card catalog with flowers and plants, as seen in a wedding via josevillablog.


4. Have huge collection of vintage scarves? Organize them by color or style in your card catalog, as seen via MadeWell.


5. Small card catalogs are perfect for storing makeup and cosmetics, as seen via lifeandlim.


6. Cultivate the naturalist within yourself and use your library card catalog to protect your delicate findings, as seen via Each Little World.


7. Card catalog as a buffet, as seen via design*sponge.


8. Indeed, the card catalog makes an ever-so-useful organizer, as seen via Small Notebook.


9. Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles sisters support themselves by creating beautiful religious works of art, and they store their sewing and embroidery supplies by color in repurposed library card catalogs, via Hooked on Needles.


10. Could there be a more intelligent way to indulge in your favorite beverages?  As seen via Apartment Therapy.


11. While this may not find a place in your home, reusing card catalogs as a station for the computer-assisted Dewey Decimal system is both ingenious and hilarious, as seen via Library By Design.


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